Happiness Falls

Happiness Falls: A Novel

Title: Happiness Falls
Author: Angie Kim
Publisher: Hogarth
Language‏: English
Paperback: ‎400 pages
Formats: pdf, mobi, epub, ebook, kindle, awz, azw3

Review of Happiness Falls

In "Happiness Falls" by Angie Kim, a gripping mystery unfolds as a biracial Korean American family in Virginia faces a crisis when their father mysteriously disappears. The story opens with the unsettling words, "We didn't call the police right away," setting the tone for the riveting narrative that follows.

The family's lives are upended when Mia, the analytical and irreverent twenty-year-old daughter, realizes that her father and younger brother, Eugene, haven't returned from a walk in the nearby park. At first, she assumes they've lost their phone or stopped for an errand. However, as events unfold, it becomes clear that her father is missing and the only witness is Eugene, who has Angelman syndrome and cannot speak.

As Mia and her family grapple with the mystery of her father's disappearance, the story delves into their relationships, secrets, and the complexities of love, language, and human connection. The investigation becomes a ticking-clock race against time to uncover the truth. The family's journey is interwoven with shocking twists, emotional revelations, and profound questions about identity and understanding.

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With themes of familial bonds, communication, and the depth of human emotions, "Happiness Falls" is not only a gripping mystery but also a rich exploration of human nature. Angie Kim's skillful storytelling captures the intricate dynamics of a family in turmoil while providing an engaging and thought-provoking narrative.

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