How to Put Love First

How to Put Love First: Find Meaningful Connection with God, Your People, and Your Community (A 90-Day Challenge)

Title: How to Put Love First
Author: Sadie Robertson Huff, Christian Huff
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Language‏: English
Paperback‏: ‎224 pages
Formats: pdf, mobi, epub, ebook, awz, azw3, kindle

Review of How to Put Love First: Find Meaningful Connection with God, Your People, and Your Community (A 90-Day Challenge)

"How to Put Love First" offers readers a transformative 90-day journey towards building enriching and authentic relationships with both God and their community. Authored by New York Times bestselling author Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, this book delves into the heart of what it means to prioritize love in every facet of life.

The authors guide readers through the process of cultivating a deeper connection with God, emphasizing that this spiritual foundation is the key to nurturing healthy relationships in all areas. Drawing from their personal experiences, they share stories of their own walks with God, successes, and challenges in various relationships, and offer biblical insights to help readers:

1. Strengthen their relationship with God and experience greater peace and connection.
2. Cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships with friends and family.
3. Navigate conflicts, forgiveness, and loneliness with wisdom and grace.
4. Enjoy the mental and spiritual benefits of thriving in community.

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To enrich the reading experience, Dr. Josh Kirby, a psychologist and life coach, provides additional insights and practical guidance to integrate the teachings into everyday life. The book serves as a guide for individuals seeking to overcome relationship challenges, forge deeper connections, and experience the joy of loving and being loved authentically.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your spiritual connection, improve your relationships, or find fulfillment in community, "How to Put Love First" offers a comprehensive and actionable roadmap to guide you towards a life filled with genuine love, meaningful connections, and spiritual growth.

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