The Complete Off-Campus Series Set

The Complete Off-Campus Series Set

Title: The Complete Off-Campus Series Set
Author: Elle Kennedy
Publisher: Bloom Books
Languageā€: English
Formats: pdf, mobi, epub, ebook, kindle, awz, azw3

Review of The Complete Off-Campus Series Set

"The Complete Off-Campus Series Set" by Elle Kennedy presents a limited collector's bundle of the Off-Campus series, known for its mixture of angst, humor, and passion. The series revolves around a group of college roommates who are hockey players, exploring their romantic relationships and personal growth as they navigate the challenges of love and life.

"The Deal" follows Hannah Wells and Garrett Graham. Hannah agrees to tutor Garrett in exchange for a pretend date, but their chemistry becomes undeniable, leading to a passionate connection that changes everything.

"The Mistake" features John Logan, a college hockey star, and Grace Ivers. Logan's carefree lifestyle is shaken when he meets Grace, and a thoughtless mistake threatens their connection. He's determined to prove he's worth a second chance.

"The Score" delves into Allie Hayes and Dean Di Laurentis' story. After a breakup, Allie turns to Dean for a night of passion, but she's adamant about not getting involved further. Dean, known for his one-night stands, finds himself captivated by Allie's resistance.

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"The Goal" centers on Sabrina James and John Tucker. Sabrina has her life planned out, including avoiding love. However, John Tucker's charisma and belief in love at first sight challenge her carefully constructed path.

"The Legacy" wraps up the series with four short stories focusing on each couple's journey after graduation. This collector's bundle not only captures the romance and growth of each relationship but also showcases the bonds of friendship and camaraderie among the characters.

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