The River We Remember

The River We Remember: A Novel

Title: The River We Remember
Author: William Kent Krueger
Publisher: Atria Books
Language‏: English
Paperback: ‎432 pages
Formats: pdf, mobi, epub, ebook, kindle, awz, azw3

Review of The River We Remember

"The River We Remember" is a gripping standalone novel set in a small Minnesota town in 1958, where a shocking murder threatens to unravel the tightly woven fabric of the community.

On Memorial Day, as the townspeople gather to honor fallen soldiers, the lifeless body of Jimmy Quinn, a wealthy landowner, is discovered in the Alabaster River, the victim of a shotgun blast. Sheriff Brody Dern, a decorated war hero still grappling with the scars of his military service, takes on the daunting task of solving the murder. Yet, even before the autopsy results are in, rumors spread like wildfire, pointing fingers at Noah Bluestone, a Native American WWII veteran who recently returned to Jewel with his Japanese wife.

As accusations and suspicions escalate, the town teeters on the brink of more violence. Sheriff Dern must not only uncover the truth behind Quinn's murder but also confront the ghosts of his own past.

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The narrative intertwines the lives of various townspeople, including a war widow and her son, a resilient newspaper publisher, an aging deputy, and a determined female lawyer. Each character carries their own hidden traumas and secrets, which are threatened to be exposed by Quinn's death.

"The River We Remember" is a multifaceted mystery and a poignant portrayal of midcentury American life. It delves into the wounds inflicted by both foreign wars and domestic conflicts, exploring how individuals strive to heal and the enduring power of storytelling in the places we call home. With its spellbinding narrative, it masterfully captures the essence of a town grappling with a tragedy that tests its very core.

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