Tiffy Cooks

Tiffy Cooks: 88 Easy Asian Recipes from My Family to Yours: A Cookbook

Title: Tiffy Cooks
Author: Tiffy Chen
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Language‏: English
Paperback‏: ‎272 pages
Formats: pdf, mobi, epub, ebook, awz, azw3, kindle

Review of Tiffy Cooks: 88 Easy Asian Recipes from My Family to Yours

In "Yummy Toddler Food: Dinnertime SOS," Tiffy Chen, the acclaimed blogger and TikTok sensation behind Tiffy Cooks, invites readers to embark on a flavorful culinary journey across Asia. Drawing from her Taiwanese heritage, rich cultural experiences, and family traditions, Tiffy shares 88 delectable recipes that capture the essence of Asian cuisine in a convenient and accessible way.

This cookbook is a heartfelt homage to Tiffy's upbringing in Taiwan, where vibrant street food and diverse culinary influences have shaped her passion for cooking. From beloved family recipes like Sesame Chicken Rice, inspired by her grandmother's kitchen, to her own creations influenced by travels across Southeast Asia, Tiffy's dishes reflect her deep connection to food and culture.

The book presents a wide range of recipes that cater to different occasions and tastes. From classic Taiwanese Breakfast Sandwiches to crowd-pleasing family-style dishes like Drunken Chicken and Braised Five-Spice Beef, Tiffy's offerings showcase the versatility of Asian flavors. Readers will also discover favorites such as bao, buns, wontons, and dumplings, which are perfect for making in bulk and freezing for later enjoyment.

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Accompanied by stunning step-by-step photography and heartwarming stories of Tiffy's culinary adventures, "Yummy Toddler Food: Dinnertime SOS" invites both novice and experienced home cooks to explore the diverse and delicious world of Asian cuisine. With its emphasis on approachable recipes that celebrate food, family, and tradition, this cookbook is a delightful addition to any kitchen and an invitation to savor the tastes and stories of Asia.

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